Sunday, June 21, 2009

All or nothing

When it comes to food, I'm into extremes. I spent the whole week juicing and detoxing and eating only super healthy foods that made me feel great (and get down to 101 lbs., just about right for a flat-chested, shoulder-less, small-boned but with hips 5'0").

I've been happily off of sugar for over a month and haven't even had the slightest desire for even a decaf or anything else on a no-no list. I was even vegetarian again for four days (well, except for homemade chicken stock, but that's like a magic elixir food).

The point is, I was clean and pure. And that was good. It wasn't even hard.

Then I missed out on my mommy vacation and had to confront the fact that we're moving in two weeks and seriously have a ton of decisions to make. So today dipped into a jar of chocolate sauce and must have slathered about a quart of it at least six egg-rich coconut flour mini-muffins. And the decaf that washed it down has me revved up late after a few weeks of decent bedtimes.

So I can be half-assed about backing up my computer and accidentally allow it to be reformatted before copying all my files. But when it comes to how I treat my body, it's one side or the other, either like a saint or a sinner.

Well, at least I'm still sober.

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KSwen6 said...

You are not alone on this one. Both of my parents are currently overweight, but they have their periods where they temporarily shed a decent amount of pounds. One of the biggest problems I see (and that I've heard of from many "overeaters") is that they eat too fast. When they dig into the treats, they wolf them down so fast that they don't know how full they are until their stomach hurts.

Personally, when I boxed I slowed down how quickly I finished meals, and it's done wonders for me with weight issues. Hopefully, more people begin to catch on to this simple strategy!

-Kye Swenson