Sunday, January 18, 2009

What to do today

On the agenda for the next two hours:
-Write while son finishes lunch
-Nurse son on couch to get closer to finishing Water for Elephants
-Wait to see if son falls asleep and then decide about going to crazy Beyonce We Are One inaugural celebration on the Mall
-Oh, wait, he has to pee on the potty first and then I need to get a diaper on him before we nurse, possibly to sleep.
-If we do go, put on lots of clothes and hope we make it home in time to finish cleaning the house for the MIL who is coming to town after all. Having canceled her flight because she thought she wasn't up for standing in the cold for nothing, she then got invited to buy four tickets to an official ball. So she and her hubby are driving and will be here tonight.
-Figure out what the heck I'm wearing -- if I can gently alter the straps of a neighbor's gown such that they can be let back out AND such that the dress is no longer too long. Or try to do some crafty alterations to the $37 consignment-store purchase I made without heels in tow so I thought it would be okay. But I'm not paying $55 to alter straps and, as it turns out would be necessary, the hem too.
-Keep working on the launch of a new group I'm starting that before the ball conundrum and the new options for inaugural activity was taking up every spare moment of my time.

Time to retrieve the boy. "Mom, could you get me out?" Now he's standing.

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