Friday, February 20, 2009

Daily plan

"Where are we gonna go today?" my son asked this morning. After having just written here about staying home all day (and on my other blog about some of the things my boy says), it struck me as funny that I didn't notice the fact that my son asks about our daily plan every day. And how he asks is by inquiring about "where" we are going to go. On one hand I feel like this shows he's up for anything and enjoys an active lifestyle (maybe he'll relocate to Colorado in his 20s!), and on the other I wonder if I'm not letting him settle into a healthy rhythm.

Oh, and the answer for today is a little crazy -- a farm, which is near our friends' house where we'll have lunch and then go to a whole foods meetup I might not have checked out if I weren't already needing to go in that direction to pick up some Wilderness Family Naturals food someone got for me for wholesale prices.

There is also a playgroup on the way home, but I think we'll probably skip that today. Whew.

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