Monday, March 16, 2009

Sushi kid

Last night our son had for dinner half an orange and almost half a can of lentil vegetable soup (Amy's, I think) because we had nothing prepared after getting home from an outing. We knew he wouldn't last long, so we stuffed whatever we could into him as fast as we could. I think there was some coconut milk and coconut milk yogurt with blueberries and nuts after that.

He didn't seem bothered that we weren't eating as a family. We ordered from a Japanese and Thai restaurant for delivery after the kid would be in bed. While my husband was on the phone, E asked what he was talking about, and we said he was getting food for tomorrow. I spelled out for him c-u-k-e r-o-l-l and said it might help us out the following day. E heard LJ say to the restaurant "cucumber roll" and asked, "Do they have sushi there?" Nothing gets by this kid.

So today, when he was looking in the fridge for the umpteenth time, he discovered last night's delivery treat and announced, "Oh! The sushi came!"

Better than Santa!

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